Bird Box Range

EcoSurv have been working closely with the RSPB and the Swift Conservation Trust in the development of suitable living spaces for birds within the built enviroment. Through extensive research and with guidance from the Swift Conservation Trust and the RSPB, EcoSurv has launched the new Swift Box.

These integrated bird boxes are constructed of 7n light weight concrete sections,slate and can be faced with brick, stone, masonry, render, timber and other cladding materials. The bespoke service that EcoSurv provides on all of its wildlife boxes means that they can be designed to match the specification of any build.

EcoSurv's Swift Box has been closely monitored by the Swift Conservation Trust, who recognise it as an appropriate habitat for the species.

'Its suitability as part of a continuing effort to encourage the production of high quality, long lasting, cost effective and aesthetically acceptable nesting places that will aid the survival of this threatended species.'

- Swift Conservation Trust


These carefully designed products are already being recommended by the RSPB to their customers on projects throught the Country .

"The RSPB has signed up with EcoSurv to invest in the urban conservation through sales of their products"

RSPB Conservation Team.

Manufactured in the UK, the nesting boxes measure approximately 325mm x 150mm and are 205mm deep. Their versatility means that they can be incorporated into brickwork or blockwork walls ideally at the top course or positioned high in the gables or end of terraces.

We also have a Glass Fibre Range.

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