EcoSurv Permanent Amphibian & Reptile Wall

The EcoSurv Permanent Exclusion Wall is to be used in situations where a robust barrier is required which is both aesthetically pleasing and at the same time a practical solution to keeping reptiles and amphibians within a given area.

Constructed of heavy duty blocks and with an overhanging lip which is designed to prevent ‘crawlover’, this design has been approved for use by Natural England as a permanent barrier solution.

The wall is built on solid foundations and can incorporate crossing points, tunnels and be fitted with mammal gates. The wall can also have the addition of ‘Bug Housing’ and ‘Nest boxes’ as integral features.

The Ecosurv Permanent Barrier Wall can be built to any height and length to suit the requirements of the given project, and installation will be carried out by our land management team under the direction of a licensed hepetologist.