Great Crested Newt Exclusion Wall Client: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

EcoSurv have been working for a number of years with RCBC as advisors at one of their waste recycling centres where the surrounding land and ponds are home to a colony of Great Crested Newts.

This brief required a barrier to be built surrounding the recycling centre to prevent Great Crested Newts from entering the centre and thereby subjecting them to possible harm and also leading to a possible closure of the centre until the newts were removed.

EcoSurv can supply and construct a number of barrier solutions from temporary polythene barriers, ACO systems through to permanent structures such as the EcoSurv Exclusion Wall (approved by Natural England). This was the preferred choice for this brief, needing to be permanent, aestheticly pleasing and robust.

All groundworks and construction were carried out by our land management team under the supervision of one of our licensed herpotologists with experience of this type of development. As can be seen from the photographs all of our work has a high quality finish which our clients expect and which has become a hallmark of our business.

Great Crested Newts are fully protected by law and Redcar and Cleveland Borough council take seriously their responsibilities for protecting this species, and it is to their credit that by employing EcoSurv to carry out this work and their site maintenance and monitoring of this colony that it survives as it does.