Green Roofs & Reed Beds

Ecosurv can not only deliver biodiversity and planning expertise but also offer a Design and Build facility which may help you address specific conditions within the planning process.

As part of the delivery of national, regional and local biodiversity action plans Green roofs are becoming a popular way of demonstrating sustainable design.

This is not a new concept! Many Northern Europe countries have used the Green Roof design for centuries providing a bio diverse envelope to their buildings which offers insulation in the winter and reduces solar gains in the summer.

However there are additional benefits which not only enhance biodiversity for plants, birds and invertebrates.

Green roofs are beneficial to

  • reduced water run off
  • enhanced air quality within Urban Environments
  • Acoustical values within Urban Environments
  • Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect


There are three main types of Green roof

  • Intensive
  • Extensive
  • Bio diverse


Here at Ecosurv we can advise which roof would be suited to your specific development, with our Ecologist and designers.