Habibat Bat Boxes

Ecosurv, in partnership with The Bat Conservation Trust have developed a range of bat boxes which fit in with the specification of a building whilst also providing a safe habitat for a variety of species of bats.

A portion of the profits from each sale of the products are reinvested back into the Habibat scheme which aim to improve accommodation for bats through monitoring and research. This will also improve our knowledge of integrated bat boxes, monitoring uptake, refining our bat box design and giving our customers guidance on installation.

Habibat is a large, solid bat box made of concrete with an internal roost space, which can be incorporated into the fabric of a building as it is built or renovated.

  • Manufactured to suit any existing brick or stonework finish

  • Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing

  • Habibats can be joined side by side to increase the roost space

  • This box is made to order and faced in brick to match your building

Facing products include:

Brick           Stone

Granite       Masonry

Slate           Terracotta

Tile              Timber

Or supply us with your own material

Further information can be found on the Habibat website, alternatively you can contact us on the above telephone number.

Habibat boxes can be faced with your chosen material