Biodiversity and Planning

Our experience in the field of both ecology and planning enables us to provide our clients with specialist advice on issues of conservation importance within the context of the UK planning system. We ensure that the advice you receive is tailored to your needs to support your project at all stages of development from survey through to completion.

Ecology is often thought of as a barrier to the planning process but, if dealt with correctly, this is rarely the case. EcoSurv is well equipped to deal with ecological issues arising from the planning process and as such we are able to provide specialist advice to ensure that;

  • our surveys and advice are applicable to your project and any associated planning issues
  • any issues are identified and resolved at the earliest opportunity
  • Protected Species Surveys
  • the design of your project takes into account any ecological constraints
  • key stakeholders are consulted and potential objections mitigated against


Biodiversity is now a prime consideration in the planning process for planning authorities and they will be looking for biodiversity enhancements within development proposals.

Planning authorities are therefore becoming more aware of ecological issues and most planning consent will require some form of ecological condition, often relating to European Protected Species (EPS). We are in a position to liaise with the LPAs and Natural England where necessary to ensure that planning

conditions are met and are discharged in an efficient and cost effective manner.