EcoSurv Gabion Hibernacula

EcoSurv Gabion Hibernacula

With the increase in the development of both Greenfield and Brownfield sites, habitats of many species are being compromised. However this does not need to be the case if Biodiversity is taken into consideration at the earliest possible opportunity and mitigation is built into the scheme from the start.

EcoSurv Ltd has a number of products which can assist in mitigating against habitat loss, including the introduction of artificial hibernacula. There are a number of British species which are fully protected by law and as such can not always be removed from a site unless a suitable receptor site can be identified and developed. This is where structures such as the EcoSurv Gabion Hibernacula come into their own.

The Gabion is constructed of an outer layer of perforated reject facings (preferably three holed) and filled with either loose brick aggregate (large-medium) or untreated timber or a combination of both which creates numerous internal voids within which reptiles and amphibians can seek refuge and hibernate. The structure is then tied together with galvanised mild steel mesh.

There are a number of species that will use the EcoSurv Gabion Hibernacula including the Common Lizard, Slow Worm and Great Crested Newt as well as many others. The Gabion can also be planted up with lichens and mosses as well as alpine type plants which attract insects upon which other species can feed and can give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The EcoSurv Gabion Hibernacula is both practical and eco friendly and creates vital habitat for species whose habitat is in decline.