Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EcoSurv have a proven track record of experience when it comes to dealing with nature conservation and ecological issues within environmental statements.

We believe in promoting sustainable development and by adopting this process at an early stage in the project design we can reduce the ecological impacts through design enhancements and mitigation measures and thus reduce any ecological objections to the proposal at an early stage.

EcoSurv are experienced in both large and small scale assessments and have an excellent working relationship with Local Authorities, Natural England and DEFRA. We have a wide range of experience of EIAs for landfill sites, quarrying, cycle routes and residential and commercial developments.

We have worked with Local Authorities on wildlife sensitive management, including supply and installation of newt fencing and its maintenance and with the Defence Estates providing bat bricks, and the development of hibernacula to commercial developers.

For residential and commercial clients we work on projects at all scales, for example, home conversions, extensions to large scale settlements.