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Biodiversity Management and Monitoring

In England, biodiversity net gain is required under a statutory framework introduced by Schedule 7A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (inserted by the Environment Act 2021).  Unless exempt, all new developments must deliver at least a 10% increase in biodiversity value relative to the pre-development biodiversity value of the onsite habitat. A Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan (HMMP) is requried to demonstrate how Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) will be achieved over the lifetime of the project. 

The HMMP is a detailed plan that outlines how the land will be managed over at least 30 years to:

  • Create and enhance habitats for biodiversity net gain (BNG)

  • Manage and monitor the BNG

We will help you to understand what to include to meet the legal requirements, and document this in a formal Habitat Maintenance and Monitoring Plan report.  The HMMP is site specific, however it often includes the following: 

  • How you plan to manage the off-site gains or significant on-site enhancements, taking into account any legal restrictions and requirements 

  • When and how you’ll monitor habitats (this will vary for different types of habitat) 

  • When and how you’ll report monitoring results 

  • When and how you’ll review management proposals  

  • How you’ll  change the way you manage the habitat, so that you achieve the habitats or wider outcome  

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