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Green Pastures

Case Studies

Our Ecological Services Team get involved in many different types of projects to mitigate the impact of development on a variety of habitats and species.  Here are just a couple of examples:

GCN Surveys and Translocation

A survey for one of our clients identified Great Crested Newts (GCN) in a pond which was to be removed.  Our licenced ecologists designed and created a new receptor site.  The new habitat consisted of hibernacula, refugia, enhancing an existing pond and the creation of four new satellite ponds, complete with a variety of planting strategies.  We installed exclusion fencing to the existing pond area and carried out pitfall trapping over a 30 day period.  Various species of newt including GCN, palmate and smooth newts were successfully relocated to the new site.

Ecosurv Led were employed as Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) to oversee the construction activities on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as part of the Hornsea 2 Offshore Windfarm installation.  

As the appointed ECoW we were responsible for overseeing all construction activities taking place within the SSSI and monitoring compliance with the commitments set out in the pre-construction documentation, and with industry best practice.

Our responsibilities included, but were not limited to:

  • Carry out pre-construction checks with regards to habitats and species

  • Possess and apply sound ecological knowledge about the SSSI

  • Possess sound level of general ecological knowledge and experience

  • Have good knowledge of, and experience applying legislation and best practice procedures

  • Provide toolbox talks to contractors working on the SSSI to advise them on the sensitivities of the area, environmental commitments and promote environmental awareness and best practice techniques

  • Monitor adherence to the relevant pre-construction documentation, including monitoring and reinstatement plans for the area of SSSI through regular site inspections and regular meetings with stakeholders

  • Report on the ecology and nature conservation measures undertaken, for use by the MMO, Natural England, the Environment Agency if required, and the relevant LPA(s) to agreed timescales

  • Liaise directly with Natural England and the MMO for their advice on appropriate courses of action in the event that there is a requirement for deviation from the approved methodology


Through our continual presence on site and continual monitoring of the works, minimal impact was made on protected areas of the SSSI and the requirements of the client and authorising bodies were achieved.

Ecological Clerk of Works for Ørsted

Humber Estuary

Badger Surveys and Translocation

A badger sett was identified on an area for development. Ecosurv were employed to carry out all the necessary works to relocate the badgers. This included exclusion by mesh and one-way gates, and supply and installation of a new artificial sett.  Camera traps recording the new sett confirmed this was successfully adopted by the resident badgers.

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