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Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Local Planning Authorities will often expect a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)  to be included within a planning application submission.  The PEA gives an overview of the ecological features on a site with focus on the type and value of existing habitats and the potential for protected species to be present. The the information is used to provide an early indication at the design stage of potential ecological impacts and constraints to a development


The PEA is written in accordance with the Phase 1 Habitat Survey Guidelines as set out by JNCC, 2010; IEA1995 and CIEEM (2017 Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, 2nd edition, and comprises three main components; a desk study, an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, and a written report.  The UK Hab Classification is now used more frequently instead of the Phase 1 system, as this translates better into the Biodiversity Metric.

In summary, the objectives and outcome of this assessment are to:

  • Identify the potential for protected species to be present on the site

  • Identify the likely ecological constraints of the site when considering development

  • Identify the mitigation measures which may be required

  • Identify any additional surveys that may be required to complete an Ecological Impact Assessment

  • Identify the opportunities for ecological enhancement on the site

The accompanying report includes survey methodologies and results of the desktop, habitat appraisal and protected species assessments. Where impacts are low the PEA will recommend solutions to overcome any potential ecological constraints identified, with reference to relevant legislation and planning policy. Where applicable the PEA will also outline the requirements for any further survey effort required to support an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), which may be required where particular species or habitats of higher importance are present within a development site.


The report includes a Geographical Information System (GIS) generated map of habitats within the site.

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