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Graham Jeffery

Graham has  held management and director positions for over thirty years within the building supply industry where his experience as a qualified carpenter came hand in hand. Graham's interest in ecology started at a young age and he became a member of the RSPB and Teesmouth Field centre of which he became a board member for four years, Graham served four years on The North Yorkshire Moors National Park Authority and represented the park in National and European Ecological Conferences, he was also a Director of Tees Forest and a Board member of the Teesmouth Field Centre.


Graham has served as a volunteer for the National Park Authority, The Forestry Commission and the RSPCA. In 1987 Graham was trained by the RSPCA in Badger Ecology and became an expert witness, working for Cleveland and North Yorkshire Police in Badger related crime. He has worked closely with the RSPCA, RSPB and the Police on all aspects of wildlife. In 2006 Graham was involved in Operation Easter on the Isle of Mull. This operation was headed by the Police and the RSPB, this was a twenty four hour surveillance of the White-tailed Eagle nest sites.


Towards the end of 2002 Graham worked with Cleveland Police and was instrumental in the setting up of Farm Watch of which he was the Chairman and remained so for over six years.


In 2003 Graham established Ecosurv Ltd an ecological consultancy and in 2012 in a unique partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust he was responsible for the launch of Habibat (bat and bird boxes for the built environment) This has resulted in a memorandum of understanding with the RSPB and supported by Swift Conservation and Action for Swifts.


Graham holds a licence for Great Crested Newts and was the lead Ecologist on a project dealing with one of the largest populations in the country.


Ecosurv Ltd

21 High Green

Great Ayton


01642 724800

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